Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Stories

 Rebekah woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3 AM.  She came hopping into our bed and said "Has Santa come? Has Santa come?"  Yes.  No you can't open your presents.

We did manage to get her back to bed.  Later my mother-in-law (MIL) told me that Rebekah had told her of a dream she had.  Rebekah said that in her dream Santa had left two presents in his sleigh and he had to come back.  We thought that rather ironic...because there were two presents that the ILs got the kids that were set apart.  They had to open the gifts from my parents first.

As soon as the turkey was in the oven, the kids were allowed to open their presents.  By this time, I had already had my shower.  

Everyone in their Christmas PJs

It was nice that I didn't have to go digging for my tripod, since William's family joined us for Christmas.  The took the shot.  (I framed it...I wanted to ensure I got a good picture.)  And I did...I love the look on Rebekah's face here.  And yes...that is a huge pile of presents.  Our stuff plus all the stuff William's family brought.  They are a very generous bunch.

I didn't take too many pictures during present opening - but suffice it to say that there were plenty of presents, wrapping paper and trash.  The kids had a ball.

Rebekah's favorites included her zhu zhu pet, zhu zhu habitat, Leapster 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn (video game for Wii) and guitar.

Peter's favorite gifts were his football helmet, football, remote control car, race track and guitar.

At one point Peter was over by Thomas (William's brother). 

Peter:  You have  football on your shirt!
Thomas:  I do!  It is OU!
Peter:  Oh-ME?

One surprise of the day was my present.  I had mentioned I was saving for a dSLR.  I told William which one I chose and that I was going to get it.  Well...I ended up being short.  So I told him I was going to wait to purchase it a few weeks until I had enough.

My sweet husband went and not only got the camera (which is all I was planning on purchasing), but purchased a camera case, memory card and an extra lens.  He said he went back for the extra lens later, and thought he had given the entire surprise away in doing so.  I'm normally observant.  It is usually pretty hard to surprise me.  BUT - he got away with it.  I was shocked.  He told me he had a super secret errand to run.  I had a suspicion he was buying a new DVD player for upstairs.  We had briefly discussed it the night before and he had looked up prices.  Frequently this is as good as purchasing it for William.  ;-)  That is just the way he tends to be.  By the way - I'm super proud that we still do NOT own a brand new DVD player!  Errr...Blueray. 

Anyway, Christmas was a wonderful day.  Peter wore his football jersey all day long (which wasn't even the main present...LOL  It happened to come with his helmet!) and Rebekah wore her nightgown all day long.  The jammies were the only official gifts from us this year.  Everything else came from Santa.  Frankly, I was too exhausted to figure out which thing should come from Santa so we just decided it would all be from Santa.  I doubt we'll do that again next year.

Some shots taken with my shiny new camera.  :-)

Taken by William :-)
(It needs cropped...BUT with 18 MP sitting around NO PROBLEM!)

My new camera is SU-WEET!  It takes pictures so fast and taking indoor pictures is such a snap.  I am in camera heaven...and I finally have the tool to begin taking creative pictures again.  (I used to take photos as a hobby...before kids.)

And one last shot of all the kids on Christmas Eve before church.

Peter absolutely REFUSED to wear his nice clothes.  I wasn't happy, but didn't feel like forcing a rather strong 3 yo into an outfit.  The girls were adorable in their matching dresses though! :-)

I had more stories but I simply can't recall them now.  This is probably why William was able to fool me. ;-)

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