Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ruth at 11 weeks

I took my shiny new camera and did a photo shoot with Ruth. I'm still getting into the swing of SLR shooting, but really these are some of the best photos I've been able to take in a looooooong time. But now I have higher expectations and therefore consider these OK. Funny how that works. ;-)

At 11 weeks, Ruth has been chatting up a storm.  This is her new favorite thing and does it all.the.time.  It is so darn cute and hard to resist no matter what you are doing.  Peter and Rebekah both love "intepretting"...and usually Ruth is declaring her love for one of her two siblings.

Ruth also is fond if sticking her tongue out and thinks it is hilarious if you do it back to her.  She does in fact giggle now and as William would one of the "smilingest babies I ever did see!"  Pretty much if she is awake, she is smiling.  Ruth also seems to be pretty social.  She loves interacting with other people.  (I recall Peter having always been on the shy side and "picky about his people" as I used to say!)

We are also hitting blow-out territory.  Ruth went through THREE outfits on Christmas day and for the past few days has been having a blow out a day.  Of course I'm not fond of these...especially when it gets on my clothes too.

I return to work in a few short weeks.  I still have a few things to umm...get a pump.  I think it is partly denial.  I've enjoyed my time off SO much.  I'm sure I'll enjoy my return to work too.  I've been focusing on not focusing on that.  Whether I enjoy it or not - I do believe life will be more difficult with work in the mix.  I'm rather fond of my naps during the day.  I foresee going to bed with the kids in my near future! :-P

And last but not least...some sisterly love.

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