Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's 2011

I hate New Year's Resolutions.  I actually decided some years ago to stop making them.  BUT - a couple years ago my pastor was talking about it and I liked his perspective.  Having a time of the year to reflect on where you are, where you want to be and where you are going isn't a bad thing.  SO that is what I use this time for.

I actually did post a similar post last year.  Last year my goal was finding time to spend more time with God.  I did do that.  It ended up when I became pg, that I stopped working out at about 16 wks along.  (My doctor said simply to not do anything that would strain the joints...which was mostly what I did...running in place, lunges, sit ups...)  I spent that time slot with God instead.  So I did end up achieving that.

Overall last year was a good year.  How could it not be, considering the addition of Ruth and the miracle God did in my body throughout my pregnancy?  I have no regrets.  And after reading my New Year's post from last year I'm pleased that I was headed on the same course even though I completely forgot.

This year I feel strongly that God is telling me to not worry about exercise right now.  That I need to continue to focus on spending time with Him.  The other thing He is encouraging me to do is to continue my quest in teaching my family about healthy eating.  This is a delicate balance around here.  William still has this viewpoint that if it is "healthy", then it must not be good.  If I don't use that word, then we are golden...but there are still a few things he has trouble getting past.  Wheat bread for example...he prefers white.  (I do too...but I think these days there are a lot of good wheat bread products that weren't there before.  At the very least - I've found better bread than what my parents used to buy. :-)  We have found, in general, that some unhealthy foods that were appealing before aren't so much anymore. 

The fair for example...that was just a stomach ache waiting to happen!  And Christmas I looked at my dinner plate and saw a bunch of carbohydrates with very little veggies.  It was sad really and I'm not sure how it happened.  By the way - I will be changing up the menu for our next holiday feast...and will experiment between now and then!  But William said he felt similarly (although - he worded it quite differently! :-)).

So these changes are good changes.  Some areas of struggle are meats.  William absolutely dislikes turkey and seafood.  Counting out seafood in general is a huge food group.  He'll tolerate the turkey, especially if it is mixed with beef. So I do slip in turkey here and there. ;-)

Another hurdle for us will be me returning to work.  Cooking nice and healthy dinners take some serious time.  As a working mom - time is a luxury.  Spending an hour and a half to cook a meal means we are eating dinner at 6:30 or 7:00 at night.  Bedtime is 8:00, and we generally start the routine at 7:00-7:30 depending if it is a bath night.  If I'm spending all my evening cooking, then bed...that leaves little time for spending with the kids.  And that is if I get off work absolutely on time.

See?  A challenge.  SO - it is something I've dealt with, but before I had Ruth dinner had slipped into that super late time slot.  And I simply don't like it.  I need an Alice. ;-)

This year I'm looking forward to more of God's promises for my family and life.  I'm looking forward to continuing to pay off our debt.  While I haven't mentioned it in awhile, it has never been far from our thoughts.  With the addition of our lovely new neighbors - it serves as a nice reminder to not get comfortable here.  (I couldn't anyway - I tolerate duplex life but by no means love it!)  We are also taking the Financial Peace course here in a few weeks...and I'm looking forward to learning more there.

I'm in a good place.  I'm sure next year I will also be in a good place.  It is hard to not be when resting in God's peace, knowing you are headed where God wants you to be.  One thing I've learned over the last year is that there is nothing more I want than what God has for me.

I am now off to curl up on the couch with an adorable 3 yo boy who is beyond excited that he can stay up as late as he wants.  (It is the night for that after all!)  We are going to watch "How to Train a Dragon".  My adorable 5 yo is downstairs with her father playing Kirby's Epic Yarn.  She is also thrilled at the prospect of staying up so late.  It is going to be a quiet but fun evening.


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