Saturday, December 4, 2010


A friend, her mother and I had a discussion once about why I left out certain details in blog entries.  For example - the post where I discussed Peter's reference to where his grandparents live.

I'm sure if this blog was read from start to finish slip-ups could be found.  I believe there are certain details I've never mentioned, for instance my family's last name.  I do try to not mention my state or city, but I think I've goofed from time to time and frankly I'm too tired to go back and pick out those details.  I also tend to blur out kids faces if I don't have explicit permission to post that kids picture.  Again - I may have goofed from time to time.  (Especially recently...I need to get some new photo editing software since I've gotten my new laptop.  This is a poor excuse for laziness though!)

But - I do try to be careful and this is why.

I don't know anyone in Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Japan, Belgium or Italy.  The United Arab Emirates - possibly.  I"m not sure what countries that all includes...exactly?  Yes, I'm geography-deficient.  (It is just as bad with US friend sent Rebekah a very nice United States puzzle...and this puzzle highlights this fact.)

It could be someone I know is reading my blog on the go.  I do have one friend who has traveled all over the world...come to think of it, I know she has been to Germany and Japan for sure.  I have no idea where else she has been.  Maybe it is so boring there she took the time to read up. ;-)

This picture is the "all time" views.  For the past month only someone in the Netherlands has been reading my blog (besides peeps in the US).  If you are reading again...HI!!!!  Welcome back!  I'd be interested in a view for the past year...but I guess Blogger doesn't think a blog lasts that long or something.

Since complete strangers or semi-strangers read my blog, it seems prudent to at least attempt to protect myself a tiny bit.  I do believe bad people will be bad people and you cannot live your life in fear of that...but it is the least I can do try to be responsible.

I found this fascinating.  I originally started on this subject because as I was looking at the picture I noticed Alaska was highlighted in green.  I kept thinking "Who the heck in Alaska is reading my blog? I don't know anyone in Alaska!!!"  Well, I do...but that person isn't reading my blog and probably doesn't remember me.  (Ex of a cousin of my husband.  Say that 3 times fast.)  I also wondered where Hawaii was.  I do know someone in Hawaii so it wouldn't have surprised me if that was lit up.  It took me halfway through writing this entry to realize it was highlighted because it was part of the United States of America.  And...well...Alaska is part of the US after all.

Yep.  I'm a genius.  This folks is what we call a "Miriam is a dork" story.  I have a whole slew of them...I just don't usually blog about them.  (William finds them particularly entertaining.  Personally, I think he should blog about them.)

I will take this as a sign that I need to quite fiddling with my beloved blog and go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Miriam,

Your friend that has traveled to Germany and Japan (and Sweden and France) probably does find those countries interesting, but when she gets back to the hotel after a long day of meetings just wants to check all her e-mail and websites for a little taste of home and your blog is on the list b/c there are always nice stories to read! :) How far back does the country page view history go? I haven't been to Japan for 3 years. If any of those page views are me, I'm sorry if I've freaked you out! :) -Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more could be that the people in other countries viewing your page are malicious, but it could also just be a mommy that's stumbled on your blog and likes your anecdotes! (I'm trying to help you think positively!)

Miriam said...

Well, this particular list was for all time. I could look at the past month, or all is THAT for a time gap? So did you go to the Netherlands this past month? :-)

And I'm not really freaked out and I believe malicious people are REALLY in the minority. I try to be aware, but not plan my life around it ya know?

I really find this info fascinating. You never really do know who is reading! :-) (And by all means...if I really didn't want strangers reading my blog I'd lock it down. But I genuinely don't mind one bit!)