Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to work and snow daySSS

Next week I go back to work.  It has been a great time off and I am sad it is already over.  It is amazing how short it is but how far away it seemed back in October.

The thing that has been on mind the most is how our evenings will work once I return.  William and I are swapping roles around - which is a rather large change.  Since Rebekah was born, I have always done drop off and he has done pick-up.  William also would get home first, so he'd do dinner.  We are swapping it around for a variety of reasons...but it is huge change.  AND I'm so freaking nervous about it.  Secretly, evening duty has always seemed a bit harder...getting dinner going being the largest factor.  I'm going to look at more ways to possibly streamline the dinner process.  For example, making meals on weekends and freezing them, preparing things the evening before, making meals that can carry over for more than one day (meaning - lots of left over eating!).  No ONE thing will work, but maybe if I employ them all I can find the right balance that works for us.  Incidentally, being able to cook dinner without a time crunch has been one of the things I've enjoyed the most...that and my super duper clean house.

In other news - it snowed on Sunday night.  For ONCE I enjoyed the snow fall.  There was absolutely NO REASON for it to be bad.  And amazingly school was not canceled.  (Our center has the dumbest policy about closing when the local school district is one of the things I despise the most but have the least power to change.  It grates on my nerves that the director always says "We must think of our staffs' safety..." because honestly, most people have to go to work anyway.  It just means they either WFH or they find alternate backup care.  But I digress...)  I chose to keep the kids home anyway.  I saw no reason to send 'em with bad roads.

The kids and I went and played in the snow in the morning for about an hour and a half or so.  Then they watched some TV, had some hot cocoa and played.  It was a laid back day and we all enjoyed it.

The next day (Tuesday), they canceled school.  The reason was it was "too cold".  Cold?  Yes.  Good reason to cancel school?  Well - considering school is generally an indoor thing, not really.  But whatever, it was done.  So the center was closed and we had a second snow day.

We had a movie day.  The kids watched a couple movies in the morning, then that afternoon we played.  Fun times by all.  (With my kids, let 'em stay in the PJs, bring pillows and blankets into the living room, and you have a par-tay!  They love it!)  I did let the kids watch Empire Strikes back (they have been obsessed with Star Wars lately), and that may have been a mistake.  The fact Darth Vador cuts off Luke's hand bothered them...AND the fact that he is Luke's father bothered them.  They were relived Luke got a new hand so that passed, but we spent the day talking about how some Daddy's aren't nice fellas and everyone has to make the choice to be good.  Made for some interesting discussions. 

Additionally, we somehow got on the discussion of Peter's leg being broken when he was smaller...and now Peter will tell you he got a new leg when he was a baby.  Dunno if he would have came to this same conclusion previous to whole hand thing!

Then Wed...they canceled school again.  I was nervous.  The kids were already going stir crazy from Tuesday.  My sister-in-law reminded me of the fine art of fort building.  So after several activities that morning, when I looked at the clock and it was still 8:30 AM I took out the big guns.

We built a massive fort.

A later version of this for had Peter's comforter on the table, to add additional coverage.  It had the bonus of being a "bed" up top.

The kids played with that thing for about 2 hours.  No fighting.  It was amazing.  They had a total blast.  I can't recall any cute stories, but I was giggling at their antics.

I hung out with Ruth mostly, who enjoyed the fun.  She, by the way, has discovered the magic of wiggly toes.

Ruth has also been grabbing more (she grabs my hair every single time I pick her up!) and yesterday she somehow managed to push her little play-thingy-that-hangs-stuff-over-her-head-to-bat-at away.  She was under it - and then voila, it was too the side!  Ruth is giggling more and more and has also taken to imitating us.  There are certain things we will do (stick out our tongue or waiving your arm for example) and she will do back.  She also likes it if you imitate her

After nap the kids built yet another fort.  Ok - I did.  But it was at their request.  :-)

Oh yeah - did I mention we all spent the entire day in our PJs?  Again?  :-)  And every. single. toy. in the house was out.  The kids did an amazing job picking up - I was really impressed.  I only had to ask them a couple times (when it was time) and no yelling required.

It was a fun three days, but boy was I happy to have a quiet day at home today.  I had been viewing this week as a vacation week.  I know things will be fast paced and non stop when I return to work.  So a little down time is just what I need!

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