Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yet another miracle

Stepping out to say "God told me to tell you this..." is always difficult for me.  There are a couple reason for this...the first being that I always wonder if I heard correctly. Last year God had started encouraging me in this area.  And He continues to challenge me.

The second reason is simply because in our society, even mentioning that God talks to you gets you a crazy label.  I have no idea why just because you talk with God and hear from Him, you are suddenly crazy.  Isn't this His design?  The label doesn't come from just non-believers, but both sides.  I've even found myself thinking the same thing before.  It is a mindset that I don't even understand (even in myself).

With all of that said...last June God gave me a message for a very dear friend of mine.  She had been struggling to get pregnant.  My heart goes out to women who have trouble bearing children.  It is something we've struggled in (mildly) before.  It is something that is heart wrenching and difficult to share.  We didn't really talk about it openly.  I just know from small comments here and there that it was a long road.  And so I quietly prayed for her.  I prayed and prayed and prayed.

At one point, I know that there were at least 5 different pregnant women (including myself) this past year in this person's life.  I watched as she smiled and was happy for each and every one of them.  I was terrified to tell her about my pregnancy, simply because I didn't want to make things any harder on her.  When I finally mustered up the courage - she was so happy for me.  Genuinely happy.  If there was a jealous bone in her body, she did kept it well hidden and to herself.  Honestly, I looked for it and could not see any.  If I had been in her situation, I can't say I would have had as much grace and love as she has had.

With all of that said, in June of last year God gave me a word for her.  He told me to have faith, it would happen "soon".  At first I had told God I wanted to know what "soon" meant.  He told me (in so many words) it wasn't important. I was just to give her the message of encouragement.  I intended to tell her right away...I chickened out.  I chickened out time and time again.

Soon Aug. rolled by and God began telling me He wanted me to give the message before I had Ruth.  September came and went and I still hadn't said anything.

I waited until the last week before Ruth was born. 

I gave her the message.  It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done.  When you talk with friends, it is especially difficult.  There is just a little something extra on the line. 

It was a beautiful day and we were sitting in a restaurant outside.  I can recall the sun on my face and the refreshing feeling of simply being outside.  I was relaxed because I only had a couple more days at work (at most).  We had finished up our meal and were chatting about stuff.  I took a sip of my drink, smiled and blurted the whole thing out.  "God wants me to tell you to not give up hope.  He says He is going to bless you with a baby very 'soon'.  I have no idea what 'soon' means, but I just wanted you to know."  She looked a bit startled, and we chatted about baby-related things for a moment.  It was a tad uncomfortable for me, because how do you follow up?

The week of Thanksgiving we met for lunch again.  She was very determined to have lunch that week.  We hadn't sat down with our food for very long when she gave me the good news.  She was PREGNANT!  I have never been happier for someone else's baby!  I was on cloud nine!  She was nervous because it was early.  I told her she could be nervous...I'd be excited.  I was thrilled!  She said "Guess you were right!"

Ahhhh - I never get tired of seeing God work.  I never get tired of Him using me.  I never get tired of this...of seeing miracles.  God is beautiful, mighty and wondrous. There is a reason He has these titles.  God didn't give them to Himself...we gave them to Him because it accurately describes Him.

I am so happy for my friend.  God keeps moving and working and I simply can't wait to see what is next!

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