Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just say YES

Today I declared a YES day.  I never tell the kids, but I do have these from time to time.  As a parent, I find myself saying NO NO NO sometimes, and a good YES day helps get me out of that funk.  This time I made the mistake of telling William the night before.  Yes...mistake.  While it seemed like a good idea the night before, it didn't seem like one that morning.  BUT, all the more reason to have one.

So - today the kids had a ball.  We didn't do anything in particular, but they did enjoy doing pretty much whatever they wanted today.  By the time I made it to nap (and I didn't think I'd get there), I was much  more in the YES mood.

The kids did do a couple cute things today.  Rebekah was drawing things for everyone.  She drew a picture of Jesus and handed it to me.  I asked her what she drew and she told me - pointing out the manger.  "And here is his beard...that is what that spot is."  I said "You think Baby Jesus had a beard?"  Rebekah replied "Why yes Mom!  In all the pictures of him, Jesus has a beard!"

And in other news - we had our first toy-in-the-toilette incident.  Peter came in with no bottoms on.  This in itself isn't unusual.  William and I had just been taking bets on what he would be wearing the next time he came in.  (I won by the way...)  "Mooooooom, I dropped my car in the potty!"  I had Ruth and was feeding her.  So William went and took a look.  I heard a groan of despair.  Apparently, the car had dropped in there after Peter had gone to the bathroom. And apparently Peter had gone both...ya know...pee and poo.

So the car sat in a container of bleach for the afternoon.

I think every family has a story like this.  I'm not sure how we escaped it for so long, except Rebekah has never been so obsessed with taking toys into the bathroom.  Peter on the other hand, is always taking something in there and I'm forever telling him NO TOYS IN THE BATHROOM!  (I hate our bathroom - it has carpet and THAT fact alone just plain oogies me out!)

In other news, Ruth has started chatting with me while nursing.  It is adorable.  She'll be munching away, look up, stop and start cooing.  Kinda like pausing for a chat.  Today I was joking around telling her that if she "got up from the table" again, I was going to put her food away.  I tell Rebekah and Peter this all the time.  Rebekah was sitting there and just busted up laughing.  "Mom, she isn't AT the table!  You are so silly!"  :-P

When Ruth coo's she does it with such purpose.  It cracks me up because she can be so serious when she is chatting, like she is telling us something so very important.  I'm sure it is.  I just wish I knew what it was!

I've enjoyed our little 4-day weekend.  I'm a little sad it almost over.  I'm even sadder my maternity leave is nearly over.  I only have 2.5 wks left before I return to work.

Wow - first post of the year.  I couldn't close this without mentioning that fact! :-)


Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

Ugh to the carpet in the bathroom! Especially with boys in the house! *shudder* We have had many "items" "accidentally" fall into the toilet - the grossest of which (in my opinion) is a full roll of toilet paper because it has just enough time to absorb just about everything in the bowl. What else have I found? Coins, the metal roll holder, wads of Kleenex, toys....can't believe you've only had one incident!

Miriam said...

I guess we have been lucky. :-) Really, Rebekah has never really been interested in playing in the bathroom (other than during bath times). I wish Peter had a similar mentality!

I would agree that an entire roll of toilet paper is pretty darn gross! Ewwwww!