Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day in the life...

Today Rebekah had ballet. William took her and stopped by Build-a-Bear on the way home to get surgery for a koala bear of Peter's.  While they were gone, Peter watched Spider-man and helped me straighten/clean the house.  I was actually amazed that he put some towels away for me, and did it properly!  He even cleaned their room by himself with little prodding.

When Rebekah and William made it home, I took the kids over to a friend's house.  They played with their little friend Ryan.  Rebekah and Ryan have been friends since they were in the infant room.  He is off to kindergarten and they won't be at the same school next year either, but I believe their friendship will probably remain for quite some time.  This isn't a bad thing, I like his mom. :-)  Anyway, while we were off playing William ran errands (Sam's and he needed to buy Ruth a car seat for his car.)  I think he squeezed in a nap too.

The kids did a lot of cute things over at Ryan's (and Ryan himself is just plain hilarious), but I can't think of any one story at the moment.  I just know that Carole and I sit around laughing at the kids and their antics usually.  :-)

We came home and everyone took nice long naps.  Ahhhh...I enjoyed my nap.  Bliss!  I slept on the couch for about 3 hrs before Ruth woke up.  We woke up just in time for dinner, and now it happens to be bed time.  It has been a pretty nice Saturday...busy, but nice.  Things surely aren't slowing down anytime soon with me going back to work and Peter's birthday coming up.  So I guess I'll be back in 3 or 4 weeks...

Just kidding.

I was thinking this afternoon about going back to work and how this will be the first time I've been away from Ruth (for any significant period of time) since I found out I was pregnant...Feb 14th of 2010.  That is a long time to be with someone all the time and to suddenly be apart.  Carole gave me a pep talk this afternoon, and reminded me of all the great things about working (which are easy to forget).

With Rebekah, I was sad to leave her but eager to get back to work.  In fact, I felt a tiny bit guilty that I didn't feel bad for going back.  Funny how that works huh?  Then with Peter I was slightly relieved.  I do recall being sad it wasn't longer (and wishing I had a little more time), but Peter simply didn't like me to set him down.  So it was nice just having some time away.

This time...I have enjoyed the leisurely life of being at home.  I'm never in a hurry.  My schedule is relatively open. I have plenty of time to get all those things done.  And now I will have to squeeze those things in on the evenings or the weekends.  All the same stuff...just less time.  And I view time as so sand slipping through my hands.

Here are a couple cute kid stories.  The other day I asked Rebekah what she wanted for dinner.  She replied "Chicken noodle soup!"  We've had this before (regularly actually) and she doesn't eat it.  So I looked at her doubtfully and said "If I make it will you really eat it?"  She smiled and replied "Why yes Mommy!  Just as long as you don't put any chicken in it!"

And the other day we were leaving the daycare.  Peter was upset about something and they director thought he wanted his coat zipped.  She started to help him and he reverted to his "Uhh uhh uhh!" he does when he is upset and too impatient to use his words.  She stopped helping him, but he continued to be upset.  I finally figured out he wanted his pockets unbutton.  I reminded him to use his words when he is upset...that we could have helped him sooner if we knew what he wanted.  The director smiled and said "He's such an independent boy!"  Peter replied "Don't call me names!"  So we stopped an explained it was a compliment.

Later at dinner I was relating the story to William.  I said "And Peter, what did Ms. Deb say?"  Peter said "She called me a peanut!  And I said 'Don't call me names!'"  I had to think back a moment, and recalled that the director had referred to him as peanut.  We thought he was talking about the 'independent', since he said it right after that.

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