Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flip a coin

The other day William introduced flipping a coin as a way to make a decision.  The kids couldn't decide who's turn it was to take a bath, so he had one of the kids pick heads/tails.  The "winner" got to decide who was first.

Last night William did the same thing.  He told Rebekah to pick heads or tails.  She replied (in all seriousness) "It's alright Dad!  I don't really care...whatever comes up is what I pick."

We laughed and told her that wasn't really how it worked.  So Peter piped up and chose TAILS.  Then suddenly Rebekah determined SHE wanted tails.  So we said tails for Rebekah and heads for Peter.

William flipped the coin and it came up heads.  Peter stuck his lip out and turned over the coin declaring it was "on the wrong side".

I think we have a ways to go to learn the art of flipping a coin.

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