Monday, March 14, 2011

He has a little rhyme

It was a beautiful day and so I went directly to the park after picking the dear children up. Dinner would be late, but we have had only a handful of pretty park days so far and it gets dark so early that it was worth the horrific late-dinner sacrifice.

The kids played and had a blast - even though we could only be there for about 20 minutes or so.  Rebekah met a new friend and her little friend's dad even took the time to get our number so we could arrange a future meeting

As they were working on getting buckled in, their thoughts left mourning the park and concentrated on their grumbling tummies'.  It didn't take long for the I-Wants to begin filling the car.  I soothed them with the promise of a small snack and dinner shortly after once we were home.  "What are we having for dinner Mom?" Peter asked thoughtfully.

"We are having fajitas!" I replied as I snapped him into his seat.

Without missing a beat Peter replied "Can we go out to eat-us?"

It took me off guard but completely cracked me up that I erupted into a laughing fit.  And now we have a new word in the household - eat-us! 

And isn't that clever?  To rhyme "eat" and "fajitas" like that?  Of course it is - because my children are geniuses!

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