Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wellness Warriors: Week 4

I think I mentioned last week I totally sucked and fell to pieces by the end of the week.  So Monday rolled around and I will admit...I was very nervous about it.

And...I was right.  Chantel started with me.  I explained I was sick and had not exercised.  She stated "That was Wed.  Today is Mon..." and yeah...she did a little butt-kicking.  (In love of course!)

So my homework ended up being to work out that very day and email her.

I didn't want to.  My plans were to clean the rat cage and finish the grocery list.  Important stuff.  But Chantel sort of has a way of rearranging your plans.  So I did it.  She talked about how one little workout may not seem like a big deal...and overall it is true.  One little workout wasn't going to make a difference weight-loss wise.  But it would as far as a brain change goes.  And that was what we were working on here...changing our brains to live healthier lives.  

The next day I got this email:

Date: Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: I did it!

I am ridiculously proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

Staying the course,
And I have been working on keeping up the momentum. 

Tue - Jog with Peter (about 1/2 mile)...short, but was very invigorating.
Wed - 1.5 mi walk with my friend
Thur - 2 hours on the playground with Peter (running around - trust me...the boy doesn't walk!)

And there we have it!  Tomorrow will be no different.  I'm determined.

So the next step is for me to get my eating under control.  It has been a little out of whack since I've been pregnant.  There are some things I haven't missed...potatoes for example (french fries, mashed, hash - whatever).  Some things have slipped back in (seconds at dinner anyone?). 

I'm happy to say I did good this evening.  I'm also working on stopping my evening snack.  It is a little ironic, because I had to work at eating it when I was pregnant.  If I didn't, my blood sugar was high in the morning.  And here I am...trying to stop it and have difficulty.  Go figure.

I also did some math this last week.  From my pre-pregnancy weight with Rebekah (my heaviest, not counting the weight I gained during pregnancy), I have lost 57 lbs.  I have another 33 to go before I hit my first goal weight.  I'm pretty excited and found this encouraging.  :-)

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