Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Weigh Day

I begrudgingly weighed myself yesterday morning.  I didn't want to.  Not one bit.  But...I felt it was necessary.  I find that weighing myself too much is demotivating...but weighing myself sometimes is necessary to make sure I stay on track. 

So last week we had heat in the 100s.  Again.  All week long.  I ran Sat/Sun 3 miles each day, 1.5 miles on Wed (in 105) and then another 3 miles the following Saturday.  I didn't get out on Sun due to a little baby sleeping through the night (YAY!) and waking up H.U.N.G.R.Y. before I could get out the door.  I was torn, but the Lord spoke to me and said not to worry...take it easy...enjoy my baby.  He reminded me to keep my priorities in His order.  While exercise is important, of course my baby is more important.  So I settled down with her and nursed her.  (I would have never left her hungry...I'm not saying that!  I would have woke up William to give her a bottle. :)  Just to be clear...)

So I didn't get in as much exercise as I would have liked too.  I wasn't expecting too much on the scale...honestly.  I had hoped for a tiny movement down but knew that more likely I'd be about the same.

And as a reminder...last week I was the same.  The week before, I had a 2 lb gain.  (I don't think I posted about that...haha!)

This week...I've lost another 4 lbs.  =-O

4 lbs?

That is all God.  All God.  And I'm so happy He's got my back.  And it just highlights the fact that when we focus on the work He sets before us, everything else will fall into place.  And it is a reminder to me to not be too zealous - to check what it is He wants me to do that day.  :-)

The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast wilderness. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything. ~Deuteronomy 2:7 (NIV)

Total lost from my heaviest:  88 lbs
Total lost since Feb*: 21 lbs
Weight lost in the last week: - 4 lbs
Weight left to loose: 22 lbs

I can't believe I just have 22 lbs to go!  Hooray!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm so excited.  I can't wait until I have less than 20 lbs to go.  Won't THAT be awesome?

*Feb is when I began working on finishing loosing this weight.  I had paused this effort when I became pregnant with Ruth last year.  Loosing weight while pregnant is not advised.


Jan L. Burt said...

You got that 22 pounds in the bag girl! And you're completely right about it being all God. He's the best friend a girl could ask for! BTW, I'm pretty darn proud of you :)

Janette said...

Wow -- that is AWESOME, Miriam! Super proud of you -- isn't it funny how perspective really is everything? Some person may think "ugh 22 pounds is a lot"...which you are saying "wow only 22 pounds left". That's amazing and soooo reachable! Yeah YOU!! :)

Miriam said...

Jan and Janette...THANKS for all your support!