Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ruth at 9 months

This evening Ruth was nursing to sleep.  And she nodded off, sighed in contentment and snuggled a little closer.  It was so sweet.  I sat there watching her sleep with her little triangle mouth and smooshed cheek and mourned a little bit the passing of her babyhood.

It is going way too fast.  I cannot believe she is 9 months already.  William asked me about her first birthday party this last week and I forbid him from speaking about it again. ;-)  He replied "Well I know you like to plan things..."  Yes...yes I do.  But I'm not ready to come to grips with the 1 year anniversary of my beautiful little baby being here.

I was reading a post of another mother who's baby just turned 1.  She wrote it right before her son's first birthday.  She talked about the passage of time and her viewpoints on it...for starters, that it meant 1/18 of her time with her kid had passed by.

I thought I was the only crazy one who thought like this. ;-)  Because her logic is exactly how I think about things. 9 months...Ruth scoots around.  She isn't crawling, but I think she'll figure it out pretty soon.  She really wants to chase after the other two!  She has no teeth and I haven't seen any evidence that she is getting any soon.  She is 20 lbs even and 27 1/2 inches tall.

Ruth loves food.  So far she has loved everything I've given her...which is nice.  We just give her a little of this and a little of that.  For breakfast today she had honey dew and cantaloupe.  Yesterday she had toast, banana and some pancake.  Yum!

And if I'm too slow getting her her food?  Oye...let the hollering and complaining begin.  It only gets louder as if the other two have their plates of food and she doesn't.

The kid is opinionated! 

And with a face like that...she totally gets away with it!

The other day I watched as Ruth squealed and Rebekah and Peter hoovered around her lavishing her with attention.  She sucked it up and wanted another squeal came out.  Those two are sooooo wrapped around her baby pinky finger. 

Peter regularly declares his love for her.  "I love her mom!  I love her I love her!  I love my baby Ruth!"  He declares it at least once a day and it is very emphatic and earnest.

Rebekah loves making Ruth giggle.  I like it when Rebekah makes Ruth giggle.  Rebekah will do anything for a giggle.  Like church...Rebekah was making Ruth giggle.  I had to stop enjoying the giggles for a minute to tell her to stop.  It was kinda hard!  :-)

The next couple months are going to be pretty busy for us.  Every single weekend (except a handful) we've got plans.  And during all this busyness...I will focus on the last two months of Ruth's babyhood.  *sniff*


Janette said...

Wow -- that picture of Ruth in the towel looks sooo much like Peter!! And I love love LOVE the picture of all 3 of them together! So sweet!! She is definitely such a happy baby and I love hearing her giggle and "talk" during church. It's funny for me being in the back to see people turn their heads to look...and then see others start to turn their heads but never do HAHA! I love that our church is so kid friendly and that a "talking" baby doesn't get anyone up in arms about church needing to be a "quiet place" etc!!! It's hard for me to believe she's 9 months old too and I'm not her momma!! :)

Miriam said...

She looks like each of her siblings at times. :-) I'm glad we are in a kid friendly church too! I don't have to worry about how noisy she is...particularly when she likes to join Kelley in praying. :-P

AshleyC said...

I've always thought most moms are like that.... I'm just not (very often). In my case, I figure it's because Jon is more like that than I am... and therefore WAAAY more than most dads---so we're perfectly balanced ;-)

But, even with all that being said, I don't think I like thinking of it all in x/18!!! That's AWFUL!

Miriam said...

HAHA thing I've learned is that this world is big enough that you can always find people who are similar to you!!

And I try to not think about time too much...although this morning I caught myself doing the math and figuring out that we are 30% of the way through Rebekah's childhood...EGADS! I just blinked!