Friday, August 26, 2011

A hike in the wilderness

OK...I don't know that you can call this a hike.  And really...wilderness may not be quite the right word either considering it didn't take much to see the busy streets.


This was definitely a secret gem I enjoyed exploring!  The folks at G2G Outside posted a scavenger hunt told about a nice little nature trail by the Extension Office.  I was super excited...I love nature!  (Mostly...but we'll get to that in a minute!)

Total fail...I forgot my camera!  And my backup camera!  And ALL I had on me was my backup backup camera...aka my phone.  At least I had that right?  (Well of case I got lost in nature! :-P)

Awwww...they love each other! that love or a grimace of pain?  I'm not sure either...we'll call it LOVE...

Rebekah's favorite pose lately...I made the mistake of asking for a picture.

Say Cheese...

And really...this is how we look MOST of the time.

So we wandered the trail looking for the things on the scavenger hunt.  I think the only thing I didn't attempt to address was the "something younger than you" item.  

This was Rebekah's "a sign that an animal was here before you" item...(a cicada shell in case you can't see!).

The trail was really pretty.  Considering our environment - I loved this and excited to discover it!  I sorta wished it was a little longer.  There was a pretty neat meeting area back there too - with benches and what looked like some sort of presentation table.  The extra neat thing about that area (no picture) was that pretty much the entire "grove" was covered by a humongous tree.

I also read a sign that this used to be a wheat field...and they let nature take its course in 1994.  I found that particular awesome!  Who would have thought that KS had the potential to be pretty... ;-)

Towards the end of the walk Rebekah had this little bug crawling on her.  She held it up and says "Look what I found crawling on me mom!"  I peered at the bug...and it was a tick.  I hate ticks.  I calmly took it off her hand and attempted to flick it off.  It first it wasn't flicking...and then it was gone.  I spent the rest of the evening checking myself over to ensure that a) no friends were present and b) the tick had indeed been successfully flicked OFF of me. 

I have a tick fear. 

Then I explained to Rebekah it was a tick and I spent the rest of the walk answer questions about why I hate ticks for both kids.  (William was kind enough to tell them in some previous discussion of ticks.)  I'm not sure what there is to like about a bug that sticks its head in your skin and hangs out?  Yuck...

I tried really hard to not let that one little tick spoil my nature walk. :-)  I'm still working on that...

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Janette said...

Wow how cool -- I never knew that nature trail was back there -- as many times as I've been to both the extension office and SG Co Park!! Sounds like something fun to do with the kids some weekend! :)