Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sucker time...I mean...HAIRCUT time!

The secret to giving my kids good haircuts are suckers.  They don't have to be large...the little dum dums will do.  And the place William takes them has an endless supply (thereby making it their favorite place to get a hair cut!).  William has been taking the kids to the same place out of fear that another will not be the same and therefore will not be successful.  It is a little out of the way since we moved...but in frequent enough to not be a problem.  :-)

Peter wasn't desperate for a hair cut...but William went ahead and took him to save a trip for later.

William takes the kids for one simple reason...if I go, I get in the way.  Letting Rebekah select her hair style for herself is best and the best gift I can give her.  If I'm not there I can't cringe and make the hair dresser nervous. ;-)  William doesn't care and will let them do whatever.  So really...a win.  She's never come home with an uncute hair cut!

And this time?  They offered to throw some coloring into the kids' hair. They LOVED it and Peter was VERY disappointed it wasn't permanent...haha!

Totally adorable.  So glad I didn't go! :-P

And one gratuitous picture of Ruth...since I didn't have one on her 10 mo post the other day... :-)

She is eating some sloppy joe filling...and totally loving it (of course!).

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