Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mon...Tuesday Update

I have a very good reason for not posting my weekly Monday Weigh-In results...I didn't weigh myself!  And I had a very nice post in mind about some awesome weekend happenings...but didn't get to it.

So...today you get two-posts-in-one!

First - the reason for no update yesterday is I went for a morning run.  I don't get to take those much, but because of a doctor appointment for Ruth I didn't have to be at work so early. :-)  And I took advantage of the situation!  (I much prefer running in 75 versus 105!)  It was a 3-miler, which was GREAT!  In a running magazine I was recently given it talked about having a purpose for each run.  Saturday my purpose was to build my speed...so I attempted to keep my speed in a target range (11-12 min pace).  This resulted in fatigue and walking periods.  (Turns out - just a single 1 minute walking break...I ran slower as well outside of that.)  Monday my goal was endurance...so I made sure I ran at least at a 13:30 pace or faster.  I gave myself a point where I could walk that was further than I had ever gone before (2.5 miles).  But when I got there I found running a little slower then speeding up was just as effective.

Turned out I ran the entire thing - which was HUGE for me.  And my mile breakouts turned out to be pretty great too.

Mile 1:  13:21
Mile 2:  13:08
Mile 3:  13:04

It was awesome!  I was especially proud of mile 1 because my legs would not go for what seemed like forever.  I had some pain in my right hip and left knee.  I felt like an old lady. ;-)  (I need new shoes...I'm fairly certain that is the root cause of the pain.)  The pain eventually worked itself out and I was able to go go go.

Total run time: 40:06.  Not a record, but only a minute slower than my record.  Not too shabby.

So all that to say - I didn't have time to weigh myself.  I was too busy. ;-)

I did weigh myself this morning.  I honestly did not care what the numbers were.  I was already flying high due to a wonderful shopping trip I had this past weekend.  Last week - by an act of God I was walking around without my pants falling down.  They barely rested on my hips and required me to pull them up quite regularly.  I originally had wanted to wait until Christmas (I'm cheap), but in the interest of public safety I thought it best I go ahead and invest in some new clothes.  Sunday I received a 20% off coupon for 1 day at JC Penney's.  Off I went!

I'm going to share some sizes - just to give you the gravity of where I'm coming from.  Before I became pregnant with Rebekah I wore a size 24.  (YIKES!)  Post pregnancy, I was down to a size 22.  After Peter I lost some more weight and was down to a size 20.  I wore these same jeans for quite some time...well, until this past weekend. ;-)  Minus a few months where I was pregnant with Ruth.

Earlier in the summer I had bought some capris - two pair.  One I wear for running and another is a khaki type I wear on weekends.  The khaki's have a tendency to fall off and are size 18.  So I had an inkling I might be a size smaller.  What shocked me was when I tried on the 14's and the 16's at the store and found that the 14's fit great.  (And btw - jean shopping has become highly complicated?  I'm sure the sales lady had a deer in the headlight look when she asked me what type of rise I wanted!  Thankfully she was highly helpful!)  So I walked out of the store with jeans 3 sizes smaller than I what I wore into the store.  Amazing.  And what a WONDERFUL feeling!  I also bought a pair of khaki's ($10, how can I pass 'em up?) and 7 shirts (also smaller).  I still have some clothes to purchase, and I've lost weight in every single area of my body.  Have I mentioned I had to purchase new underwear last week?

I had a total blast on that shopping trip by the way!  I took Rebekah with me and felt a little like Pretty Woman - without the rude sales lady of course!  She had fun too and even gave me fashion advice.  Yes.  I took it.  I figure 5 yo fashion advice from a little girl who cares has got to be better than anything I can come up with. ;-)

So when it came to scale time, I didn't really care.  Let's be honest.  I was just so happy about the size differences!  And I wasn't particularly good last week.  I ate out 3 times and on Friday I had Froyo twice.  In one day.  It just sorta worked out that way.  So I did not have high expectations either!


Total lost from my heaviest:  91 lbs
Total lost since Feb*: 24 lbs
Weight lost in the last week: - 2 lbs
Weight left to loose: 19 lbs

Well - I've turned that corner!  I have less than 20 lbs to loose!  It feels great!  In honor of this milestone, I hope to post some pictures showing the differences.  We'll see if I get time...I have to scan a few pictures in.  :-P

For the book contest...see?  TWO READERS! ;-)  Janette - I'll give ya the book Sunday and we'll let Lisa have it at Thanksgiving.  Sound good?  We'll chat!

Oh wait...I have one more piece of news.  I have entered to run in the Prairie Fire Mayor's 5K race.  I know folks who are running the marathon and half-marathon...but NO ONE who is running the 5K. :-)  (ah hem)  Hopefully someone will join me.  But if not!  I'll be there with a smile on my face and a hop in my step.  It'll be GREAT!  My goal?  Well - if I'm running by myself it will be to run the 5K in 36 minutes or less.  If anyone joins me - it will be to have fun and enjoy the companionship. :-)

I'm hoping to do at least one other race this fall...I'm just not sure which one yet.  I may just end up doing two!

*Feb is when I began working on finishing loosing this weight.  I had paused this effort when I became pregnant with Ruth last year.  Loosing weight while pregnant is not advised.

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Janette said...

Yes here is the post I was waiting for hahaha!! Wow -- MANY CONGRATS to you again! So wonderful on many levels..the continued weight lose...the 3 sizes smaller clothing...the running 3 miles nonstop...and lastly for signing up for another 5K! You are doing awesome!!!

I am struggling with the running and mental block with it so for now I'm on hold. Praying I will get back to it and be able to join us as I would love to run it! But I don't want to run another one until I feel like I have a good shot at running the whole thing!