Friday, August 19, 2011

Ruthie is Toothie - 10 mo

Well, Ruth has finally decided to be done making a liar out of Dr. Seuss...because until just yesterday...she was in fact NOT toothie.  (And in his book titled "The Tooth Book", he declares that all Ruthie's are toothie!)

It sure does explain a lot about the last week. :-)  I suspected, but you can never really be too sure...

I have no is still far too small to photograph.  William didn't believe me that it was in fact there at first.  But it IS...her first tooth has poked through.

And what else is Ruth doing?  Eating (she is a girl after my own heart...she loves to eat!).  She has been mimicking.  Yesterday she played a riveting game of face-plant-into-Daddy's-hand (in an effort to make the "ah ah ah ah noises she is fond of...and since HE wasn't playing she thought she'd help herself).  She is attempting to crawl...but there is very little motivation to do so there.  She will scoot to get a toy...but if it is too far she doesn't bother.  Bellowing has been much more effective and is waaaaay less work!

Ruth has discovered the dog likes to eat things.  So she shares her dinner with him...frequently.  Sometimes she forgets he isn't there (like in restaurants...).

She is also a note taker. She frequently watches her siblings in awe and wonder...quietly contemplating the day that she too will get to join in the revelry that goes on in our house.  I love watching her observe...sometimes it is with a huge smile on her face.  Sometimes it is quiet serious...where I believe she is pondering exactly just how she is going to do that.

She isn't sleeping through the night, and she frequently likes to stay up late.  She is still pretty patient overall. 

She loves playing with her siblings.  Rebekah and Ruth played catch the other day.  It was adorable.

I have to say - getting a tooth is the worse milestone of all.  It is the start of their journey out of babyhood and into childhood.  I have some time yet...but her little gummy smile will forever be gone.  It is about the only milestone that will make me cry!  And being so close to her 1 yr birthday certainly isn't helping any either...

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