Monday, August 22, 2011

Ha ya! Weigh-in TODAY...

Well this morning I diligently got up to run, only to find it wasn't a running day for me.  Oh well...I was bummed.

BUT - it worked out for the best.  This morning I packed Rebekah's lunch (well...finished up packing).  The little stinker got into her partially packed lunch box and found a cookie I had been intending to surprise her with.  EGADS!  I had also written her a little note.  She was thrilled, but I was SO BUMMED that she wasn't surprised...ya know?  Stinker!  I also told her she was a stinker! ;-)

We all managed to get out the door and to our respective places on time.  I'm not convinced that would have happened had I gone running...

In other news - I went on another 4 miler on Saturday.  It was an interesting run...I ran with my friend who did a total of 8 miles.  I joined up with her on her second half.  Second was better - kept her company and she didn't mind going slower!  (She tends to run at a 10-11 min pace on her shorter runs...)  I had already pre-determined it would be a relaxed run for me...just a "get out there do" sort of run.  This was also my 3rd time running with anyone and I've noticed everyone runs differently.  Since it was my first time running with her (and wasn't sure what to expect), I didn't want to many expectations.

I had a blast.  I'm finding I really enjoy running with other people too.  We chatted and gabbed the ENTIRE way and it made it just ZIP by.  We mostly talked about exercise, the funny things we've noticed in the park and other random tidbits.  I appreciated the brain dump...particularly with regards to winter running (something I've already started to think about so I can get appropriate winter-running gear).  We even talked about motivations for running...mine centered around my love of being outside and in nature.  And this is largely why I'd choose to do a run in 105F vs. running on a treadmill... :-)

My run ended up being 30 seconds faster than the previous 4 mi, but the splits were a little closer to even (unlike last time where I had 13:30 paces for the first 3 mi then a SLOW-practically-walking-pace for the last mile) which I believe to be a good thing.  There was also gratuitous walking, which I believe contributed to a strong finish.  (I felt like I could keep on going!)  It was a GREAT run!  I enjoyed it!

And since I didn't get out and run this morning - I did weigh myself!

Total lost from my heaviest:  91 lbs
Total lost since Feb*: 24 lbs
Weight lost in the last week:  0 lbs
Weight left to loose: 19 lbs

Womp womp!  Second week in a row with NO CHANGE...which means...I'm going to start a food log for the next 3 days.  I'll be posting it...for fun. :-)  And because I'm watching what I eat, I'm sure it'll be better than what I've done in the previous TWO weeks...haha! I know I've gotten a little lazy and my "occasional" treats have not been so occasionally...which is why I'll probably be married to the scale for the rest of my life.  I apparently just need that check.  (Of course...I think once I'm done with my weight loss, I can move it to a once a month or something...)

*Feb is when I began working on finishing loosing this weight.  I had paused this effort when I became pregnant with Ruth last year.  Loosing weight while pregnant is not advised.

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