Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My baby started Kindergarten...waaaaaaah!

I think this is probably how most mom's feel when their children start Kindergarten...no matter whether they are the oldest, youngest or somewhere in between.  I am no exception!

The good news? I didn't cry...

But I'm not really a crier so that didn't surprise me.  Her first day was a quiet day for me...to save a little bit of money I worked from home and took her/picked her up myself...versus using the before/after school care which she will be attending regularly. 

(When is it OK to start rejoicing at the savings we will see in daycare costs!?!?!?)

She desperately needed a hair cut...so a Barret with bangs to the side ended up being the style.  (Hey - she brushes/fixes her own hair and selected her own clothes.  I was just grateful she actually matched today...because she is not one for traditional matching...)

A serious shot...

...which didn't last long (of course!)

The previous night at meet-the-teacher night I had a lovely chat with her teacher.  We went immediately to her classroom, put her supplies down and then explored the school.  Rebekah's favorite part? The library...that's my girl!  She was SO EXCITED that her new school had it's very own library...we also checked out the bathrooms, cafeteria, gym and music room.  She made a couple comments that her new school was huge (and noted the super tall non-existent ceilings)...but the fact that a library was present was all she really needed to know.  She was ok with the largeness of the school after the visit to the library.  Dragging her OUT of the library was a trick.

Once we had checked the school out we returned to her classroom so I could hopefully chat with the teacher a little bit.  I was already concerned over whether or not Rebekah would be challenged...but that didn't help me any when her teacher turned out to be the one at kindergarten roundup that remarked "Oh, I don't know THAT will work!" when discussing Rebekah's abilities.  (I didn't blog about it...I didn't realize she was a Kindergarten teacher at the time! LOL)  But it is ALL GOOD...she said she has had advanced students before and talked about how the curriculum challenges them and things she could/can do as well. 

The next morning was Rebekah's BIG day...I took a pic of her IN the classroom because all the other parents were.  LMHO  Seriously...paparazzi folks!  Cracked me up (even though I totally joined in...)!

She sat right down and did her thing.  I paused in the door and looked back, mostly to make sure she knew I was leaving.  I got a hand flick...you know..."Get out of here, why are you STILL HERE Mom???"  Sheesh.

I returned later to pick Rebekah up and her teacher greeted me.  She told me about her day, that it was a good one.  Rebekah had one incident of a kid throwing a toy at her.  No big deal.  Then her teacher tells me she did a little testing with the kids.  She said "...and Rebekah didn't know this letter..." and wrote Z down on the sheet of paper she was holding.  My eyes I'm sure grew BIG and I half laughed.  "What?" I replied.  "She knows that letter!"

I just have to laugh!  I have no idea what this teacher thought...here I am talking about how my kid can read...blah blah blah...she's so smart...blah blah blah...and she doesn't know the letter Z...


And Rebekah's favorite part of her first day at her new school?  Ready for it?  Lunch.  She is thrilled she gets to take her lunch.  And she has consistently told EVERYONE that is her favorite part.  I wonder if that will still be true once her class gets to go to the library...???

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