Friday, September 9, 2011

A walk in the park

Last Sunday afternoon I found myself alone with all 3 kids.  I find that hanging out with them goes smoother if I have some fun activity planned.  I had been feeling "blah" from the lack of exercise the previous week, so I wanted to incorporate some sort of exercise into my plans.

I suggested a walk to the kids - but they revolted.  Noooo...they wanted to go to the playground.  *sigh*  The playground just means me standing around pushing them in the swing!  So I suggested the zoo...usually a winner.  Noooooo...the playground.  They were certainly insistent and persistent.  Minds made up I came up with a novel solution...

We drove to the park, but I parked about a mile away and we walked.  :)  Ok - I kind of "tricked" them.  I said we were going on a walk, playing at the park then walking back to the car.  I pointed out how everyone got what they wanted.

They were totally on board until about halfway into the walk.  I will probably never be able to do this again...

This is while they were still happy on the walk...

I *LOVE* this bench and pass by it all the time when running!

It was shortly after the bench that I had to go into cheer leading mode.  We are almost there! I said...knowing it was still a ways off.  OH LOOK!  See that bend in the path!  The park is just past those trees!  (That was the total truth.)  We made it and I had happy children.

Yep - even Ruth was happy to watch!

Please notice the foot - she was totally hanging out!

Rebekah calls this the "Pepperoni Swing". 
I thought it was rather observant.
Ruth was pretty patient.  Peter, on the other hand, was not.  He loves the "baby" swings.  We had stopped by first, but his favorite (kiddie swing with a belt across the front) was broken.  I wouldn't let him swing in it.  But he kept insisting that he wanted to go back and swing on a regular baby swing.  So after Rebekah had done what she wanted, we headed to the other side of the park (again) so Peter could swing on the baby swings.

Since we were there, and two swings were open (the park was insanely busy on such a beautiful day...), I plopped her in one.

She enjoyed it....

And enjoyed it some more....

And of course Rebekah did her sisterly duties and pushed her...

Exactly HOW does this connect?

Rebekah hung out in the sandbox, which is near the
baby swings, while the other two swung.
The kids had fun and were disappointed we had to leave.  "But we didn't get to play EVERYWHERE" they cried.  I just told them they had something to look forward to another day. ;-)  I'm such a mean mom!

They mile trek back wasn't quite as smooth as the way there.  They started in the whinning and revolting about 5 minutes into the walk.  Frankly, I was surprised it took that long.  They were pretty tired.  By the way...exactly how long does it take to walk 1 mile with 3 little kids?  About 30 minutes...

Once we were in the car and buckled in, Rebekah remarked "Mom, next time let's just drive all the way to the park."  Well...I dunno about that.  I rather enjoyed the combination of park time and exercise time.  And lately I've been rather concerned that my kids aren't in as good of shape as they could be.  I go off and exercise...but I don't usually bring them.  What am I teaching them?  Healthy family activities need to become a more regular part of our every day life.

Which is why we took a family bike ride the next which Rebekah replied "Next time let's just drive."  I apparently have my work cut out for me. ;-)

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