Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning to put the wind in your hair

I am not going to guess how much I will post about motorcycle riding.  I would have never guessed I would post about running as much as I do.  I mean - how interesting can it be?  But since I mentioned previously that I had taken lessons and I have some photos, thought I'd share.

I have some photos from out class that a friend took.  These were all taken the first day of class.  I had the privilege of taking the class with folks from my church.  William and I were planning on taking it already, as it was a gift for our birthdays from my parents.  My good friend Jason caught wind of it and decided to organize a class that we all could take.  We had some unique scheduling hurdles - for example, we couldn't ALL be gone from church at once.  Since Jason is also church worship leader, and William is the backup worship leader and Nick (who also attended the classes) is also on the worship team...well that doesn't leave very many people to lead worship in a small church like ours.  Most the classes local are held on a half day on Friday and all day Saturday/Sunday.

But Jason is persistent.

L->R Nick, Jason, Grant, Lacey, William and Me
And he found a place that would create a special schedule for our group.  So we attended class Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat.  We had Thur off because Rebekah had a recital.

My parents were also gracious and watched the kids each night, picking them up from their respective places and running them where they need to go.  It was a crazy busy week.  Crazy.  Fun too!  But it definitely left me exhausted by the time all was said and done.

It was a completely awesome week full of laughing, learning and friendship.  This class was just plain awesome.  We took it through Motorcycle Training Specialists and our instructor was Terry Mauk. 
I'm ready TO GO...

Mr. Mauk there in his easy-to-see shirt.  That is William next to him (and then me).

The whole class lined up.  Our first exercise was to walk the motorcycles across the parking lot.

Look Ma - no feet!  (Actually riding here!)
I was actually a little sad when the class was over.  It was kind of like being on vacation for a week - without all the hassle and expense of being on vacation.  A break from normal routines is certain welcome.

The highlight of the class had to be when William popped a willie.  He started out too fast and UP went the bike!  He was able to get it back down safely without crashing or getting hurt. I missed the entire thing.  So that was a big bummer.

Additionally, Terry told me twice I was a natural.  He said he expected I'd get a motorcycle within a month...guess he was right.  I do plan on calling him to go riding!  He said NO STUDENT has ever done that before.  We had so much fun with him, I can't imagine NOT doing that!

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