Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet, sinister and smarty pants Peter

The other day I was leaving the house. I gave all the kids a hug, told them good-bye and then walked out.  As I was getting into my car the front door opened and out came Peter.  "PETER!  Does your dad know you are out here?"


It isn't unusual for him to come running out for one more hug.  So I stepped back out of the car and walked around the open door...prepared to give him one more hug.

"Mommy, Rebekah wants one more hug!  She is crying!  Please come give her one!"

So I walked inside and there was William and Rebekah in our room in the back of the house.  William looked at me startled (so clearly he didn't know Peter had left) and said "You are back!"  I explained Peter came and got me because Rebekah was upset.  I gave her one more hug, as she requested.  She was happier and Peter beamed.

I kneeled and looked in Peter's eyes.  "Peter, I am so proud of you for coming to get me for your sis.  That was sweet Peter!"  He beamed.

"She was sad!" he said.  Rebekah then gave HIM a thank-you hug.

Peter amazes me every day.  He can be so selfish (get him to share stuff with his sisters is like pulling teeth!), but he truly does have a tender heart.  And when it counts, he certainly goes to bat for them.

And on the other side of things...Ruth has gotten to where she views certain toys as "hers".  And as is age typical, if anyone else touches them she gets mad.

Peter picked up on this a couple evenings ago.

And so he kept taking the said toy and running off with it around the house.  She'd scream and run after him and he would just laaaaaugh and laugh.

These two incidents were just days apart.

One last Peter story.  I was there for this one, but William shared it with me.

Peter informed William that he thought he was smarter than William.  William chuckled and replied "You think that now - but someday...ohhhhh probably around age 23 you'll change your mind."

Peter smiled big and replied "You mean I WILL be smarter then you then?"

And I do not find it surprising that Peter believes he is smarter.  I can't tell you how many times he corrects me in a day.  (He likes to chose when he is in trouble too - which I promise does NOT help him get out of trouble!)

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