Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paul, Ruth and Work OH MY!

Friday I had the pleasure of taking both Paul and Ruth in for some checkups.  Paul was there for his 2 mo checkup and Ruth was there for her 2.5 yr checkup.

First Paul - he weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs 9 oz (99%) with a height of 24 1/4 inches (61%) and a head circ of 40 1/2 cm (70%).

At 2 mo, Paul smiles a lot when you talk to him.  He thinks Ruth is hilarious.  (She takes the time to stop and talk to him - the other two are usually too busy...minus the regular squishings from Peter.)  He has also started cooing and giggling.  He's pretty serious - except when he is smiling.  It is funny actually - because it is quite the pendulum swing.  HUGE gigantic grins - or he's so serious he borders on grumpy.  Not too much in the middle.

I was quite pleased that his weight, particularly after being drug in for extra weight checks his first week of life.  I knew he'd grow. :-)  God is faithful.

Ruth is still short with a big head. ;-)  She weighed in at 30.2 lbs (67%) with a height of 35 1/4 inches (43%) and a head circ of 51 cm (greater than 97%).  It is all good - she doesn't look like she has a big head. ;-)

At 2.4 Ruth jumps, can take her clothes off and is borderline potty trained.  She can go.  She knows all the mechanics.  She just hasn't made that leap.  With the other two, it was a very sudden leap. One day, they weren't interested...then BAMO...fully potty trained.  She wants panties pretty bad.  I need to make a search for some mickey ones.  I've checked target/walmart with no luck.  I think that would be a great motivator.  She is onery as all get out.  She gets into everything and is rather good at sneaking off to do things she isn't supposed too.  *sigh*  Goof.  And she is hard to punish - she thinks the corner is fun.  Lastly - she can nearly spell Peter's name, her name and almost counts to 20.  (She regularly skips 4-5-6 for some reason.)  Colors?  Shapes?  Not so much.  Just not interested.  This just fascinates me.  It is almost like "That stuff is trivial...let's jump ahead to calculus please!"

I was particularly worried about this appointment as I thought Ruth was getting shots.  Handling both Paul and Ruth seemed like a daunting task.  (She is not fond of being told that she has to get out of lap to make way for Paul...for instance.)  I had a plan in my head of how I could make it work - but it turned out I didn't need it.  She doesn't need anymore shots until 5.  Whew.

I apparently didn't ever blog Ruth's 2 mo stats, so I have nothing to compare it too...not without digging for the little papers. :)  I've kept every single one!  I'm more interested to see how Paul compares to Peter.  I think that would be more telling.

I told the doctor "So Paul is short and fat and Ruth is short with a big head...how odd!"  She (we are seeing another doc until our reg. ped gets his new practice up and running) looked at me quizzically and said "Well I wouldn't say short exactly...average perhaps!"  Oh dear doctor - when your oldest two are in the 80-90%, with a tall dad and clearly a tall mom...yes...comparatively...they are SHORT. :)  I think Paul will catch up though.  Ruth?  Well - we do have short genes on both sides of the family.  I suppose it is possible for a kid to pick up some random genes. Just look at Rebekah.  Random red head.  :)  I love the fact that each kid has a distinctive physical trait and they aren't simply clone copies.  (They do resemble each other clearly.  I checked out Ruth's 2 mo pictures and yeah...there is a huge resemblance between her and Paul.)

Anyway - so yesterday I was sick.  Not just oh-I-have-a-cold-and-I'm-whiny sick...but sick with fireworks.  I couldn't really sit up, my stomach hurt like no other...and the toilet and I were good pals.  All the while I was home alone with little Paul.  My saving grace?  Paul loves to cuddle.  We hung out and slept all day.  He slept with me or he played (kicked is legs and arms for example) while I slept.  I was just so blessed that he was super easy to take care of.  I guess that is the perk of having a cuddly baby.  He really really likes to cuddle.  (Today he has been less than thrilled being put in the swing while I've tried to get things done...like straighten up and put away the baby shower presents to...well...writing this little post.)

I'd love to share pics, but I'm having a computer crisis.  Well...not crisis.  I need to network my new computer with the computer downstairs.  I haven't found the time to sit down and figure it out (and I asked William to do it but he hasn't either)...so thus...no pictures.  Why is this important?  Because I backup the pics on the downstairs computer and only keep a certain amount on the upstairs.  I don't trust the upstairs laptop (which is rather abused thanks to careless children) to hold such precious information by its lonesome.  So there you have it.  Must. Network.  :)

Hopefully I'll have some cute ones to share soon.

Last but not least - I have just 3 weeks left before returning to work.  Ugh.  Ughity ugh ugh ugh.  I like work and all - but returning is never easy.  I can't imagine what it is like for those moms who dislike their jobs?  I don't think I could do it.  I'd have to quit.

While stay at home isn't in my future anytime soon - or perhaps ever (can't picture it - I think I'd be a maniac) - I still do wish I had more time to hang out with my baby.  They really are little for such a short period of time.  *sigh*  I wish we had longer (paid) maternity leaves.  Yes paid.  Without it, extending maternity leave is in gesture only - who would be able to afford the time off?  I barely have enough time off to pay for this maternity leave, let alone something longer.  I could rant all day about maternity leaves. :)  But I won't.  That and nursing are probably two subject I'm rather passionate about.

So...3 weeks.  Tick tock.

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