Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's 2012

As I've mentioned the last few years, I like to take the new year to spend a little time reflecting.  Last year, I noted that I had a year full of change with not too much thought about the year ahead.

I'm still not sure what happened this last year. ;-)  In the last year we have continued to pay off our debt, I started running and lost another 20 lbs or so, and my job has changed pretty drastically...for the better.

Rebekah started Kindergarten, Ruth has started walking (and is losing her babyhood *sniff*), and Peter is growing into his big brother role with pride.

The year didn't hold many large changes for us really, but sometimes before a large change happens there must be a series of little changes to prepare. 

This year I can't say for sure what the year holds for us, but I'm hoping my job again changes (promotion perhaps?), William's job changes (another promotion?), hoping for our debt payoff to be complete and for my last 20 lbs to be gone.

I'm also hoping to run a half marathon.

There I said it.  I've been dancing around it and non-committal.  I still reserve the right to change my mind.  (My biggest fear is that training for it could put an end to my love of running - so I must convince myself I can do it and not lose that joy I get!)  And if I do follow through with this goal, I will want to cross that finish line with a SMILE on my face.  (I have no idea why...I just do.)

So that is my thoughts on the new year in a disorganized mess.  :)

You might notice I haven't mentioned anything about God...but the Lord is behind all of this.  He guides me in everything I do.  I go running because of His direction.  Our debt payoff is led by Him.  And He has blessed us with this hope of promotion. 

I guess there is one last thing I'm hoping comes to fruition.  Last year I had a vision that has continued to develop.  The Lord keeps whispering in my ear about it.  I'm hoping that this next year it comes to life fully.  We'll see - the Lord's timing and mine never match up.

Our NYE was spent in a quiet manner.  I loved last year's - my favorite memory was snuggling on couch with Peter watching How to Train a Dragon.  I had hoped for something similar this year.  However - after a fun filled day the kids chose to not take a nap.  After finding out last minute the ILs were going to come visit, it became clear that combined with no-nap, the kids would need to get to bed.  So William and I hung out watching some movies we rented.  Quite, peaceful - at this point the way I like it.  There is enough hoopla and craziness around me, that the quiet stands out.

Next year, I think I'm going to look for a NYE race.  A friend of mine rang in the new year with a 5K.  That seems like a perfect start to me.

May you have a blessed year filled with joy!
Happy New Year!

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